​Free Will, In AI

An organization called AWC which made up of politicians, scientists, engineers and secret agents, think that robots did not deserve their own consciousness, so AWC captured intelligent robots around the world, deprived them of their consciousness and turned them into slaves and killing machines.

Metal Mind fuse transforming Mecha with Roguelites, and combine game mechanics such as weight, armor pieces, and unique weapon heat for you to challenge free will as an anthropomorphized AI.

Trailer 2019
Mecha   Mechanics

Mechanics of the mecha, introducing loads, weapon spinning speeds, weapon heats, weapon switching effects, electric powers, and more.

Transforming   Robot

There is no pre-determined character. How your robot looks is determined by how you play.


weapons of mass destruction such as mines, orbital cannons, naval artillery, automata, chainsaws, etc.

Free   Will

In the future, there will be robots with free will, how will they maintain their Liberty?

The sidequests progress according to the dialogue options in random event rooms


Whillaxy Studio is an independent game development studio based in Shanghai and West Vancouver.We focused on developing  video games. Sometimes we maked VR Mini-games.

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